Recently Famous Dex popped up in a video shaking hands with his fellow Chicagoan Chief Keef. Because of perceived issues between the two—namely their rival gang affiliations and Keef's dispute with Lil Jay—some didn't think they'd be so cool with each other. Well, they were, and Dex called his meeting with the 21-year-old Chi-Town legend one of his best experiences ever.

"That was one of the greatest days of my life," Dex explains in a video. "I posted [the picture with Keef] just to show the world it ain't what the fuck ya'll think. We like to get money man. When you get older, you like to get some money, you feel me b bro? We like to get some money man. I saw Sosa, like I saw a neighborhood friend man. I saw him. 'What's up brozay. Keep getting to the chicken."

It's good to see that Keef and Dex are cool with each other, especially in a time when it's not so uncommon to see rappers from the same city beefing. Since dropping "I Don't Like" back in 2012, Keef, who recently revealed his Thot Breaker tracklist, has become one of the biggest names out of the Chi in a long time. Dex on the other hand, is a prospective 2017 XXL Freshman and should be on the verge of seriously breaking out.

What ever perceived issues the two might have had, it's good to see there aren't any hard feelings between them. Maybe we can get a collab in the near future.

Check out Dex's revelation in the video below.

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