Over the last week, social media users have been creating different versions of Childish Gambino's "Redbone," putting the track in different scenarios. From hearing the track if you were making out in a house party bathroom, to giving it the Lil B treatment, fans have been putting some creative flips on the popular song, including a Famous Dex adlib incorporation. Listen to it below.

Twitter user Yung Mondi released a remix of the song, editing in signature adlibs from the 23-year-old Chicago rapper over the sensual record. Asked why he made the remix, Mondi told XXL, "People on Twitter are stupid."

Dex's adlibs have become a phenomenon for his strong fan base, as he is notoriously known for the hype phrases on a majority of his songs. He even released footage of himself recording the wild adlibs in the studio, which were edited onto this new version of Gambino's "Redbone."

While a lot of his supporters met the remix version with applause, some commented on their disappointment that his "Oh man, goddamn" adlib was not included in the narrative. Since it was dropped, Famous Dex's adlib version has quickly become one of the more viral remixes of the R&B record.

At the moment, Dex is currently prepping his debut album for fans, which he announced back in March. It's slated to be titled Dex Meet Dexter and currently scheduled for release on June 17. He also just dropped a dope new record last week called "I Live in L.A."

Check out the Famous Dex adlib version of "Red Bone" below to hear what the hype is about.

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