Lil B is never one to bite his tongue, but on Tuesday (Oct. 10), it was revealed the rapper's recent comments led to a suspension from Facebook.

According to a report from Motherboard, a Facebook representative confirmed the rapper has been banned for 30 days after violating the website's hate speech policies. It's uncertain what Lil B said, as Facebook revealed the offending posts had been deleted from the site.

On Monday (Oct. 9), the rapper tweeted about the incident, writing, "Found out Facebook banned me for 30 days because I was talking about white people... got it." As of late, Lil B has been actively discussing social issues on Twitter and Facebook, such as race in America, double standards around visual codes and the legacy of slave ownership in the U.S.

While it's uncertain when the ban went into effect, the rapper had also previously tweeted about it on Oct. 4, writing, "Everyone let the world no that lil b Facebook has been blocked and I can't log in! Please let Facebook no I'm only spreading love!"

It's also not Lil B's first time being banned from the social network. In 2014, the rapper claimed he was banned for 30 days. At the time, he tweeted, "WOW HAHAHAA AYYY YALL FACEBOOK JUST BANNED ME!!! HELP ME GET MY PROFILE BACK! I KEPT IT TO REAL!!!!!!! I GOT OVER 500k LIKES."

The rapper also called Facebook "conservative right wing and scary" and said it was time for him to "stand up to Facebook and Mark Zukerberg [sic]." He added, "He won't let me speak from Love i brought over 500k likes and 60k personal."

Check out Lil B's latest tweets below.

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