Body art is taking over hip-hop – looks like the Alliance and Fabo were on to something with their 2007 single “Tattoo (Tatted Up).” It seems like rappers are taking the term to a new level. It’s not enough just to have three or four tattoos anymore, tatted up means you’re covered – everywhere. Sleeves aren’t even pushing the envelope anymore. If you wanna show you’re a real diehard ink fan, you’ve got to get the face done too. But some rappers seem to forget that once you get a tat you can’t go back – as Game so readily learned when he got his butterfly tattoo covered up with “LA” and a star.

In light of Gucci Mane’s latest ink edition, came up with a few ideas for the Atlanta rap star to consider when the time might come to replace that ice cream cone!

Pick your favorite facial tattoo for the hip-hop’s heavyweight, and if you have your own face tat, tweet us @XXLstaff and we’ll post the best ones!