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Street Family

When it comes to delivering straight bars, Fabolous doesn't falter. The man they call Loso has proven for years why he is one of rap’s most armed lyricists. In fact, out of the rappers in the game today (both young and old), Fab could effortlessly give anyone some steep competition with his rhymes. His coveted mixtape series including The S.O.U.L. Tape series and the No Competition trilogy are arguably the strongest non-album offerings in hip-hop history and what better way to add to that legacy than with another free mixtape that showcases the Brooklyn MC's skills.

Summertime Shootout 2 is the follow-up to last summer’s mixtape of the same name and procedure -- which is to hop on other people’s beats, body them and then sprinkle in some original cuts to top it off. The biggest difference between the first tape and this second installment is the higher quality of original compositions. On past mixtapes of this nature, Fab usually throws in some album leftovers with the focal point really being the assault on fellow rappers’ beats. However, on SS2, the originals are some of the tape’s best.

“To the Sky” leads off the 13-track tape and features solid components all around. Sonaro smashes the rattling beat and Fab rips through his “leveled up” verses. Fab’s tone and cadence are so comfortable it’s like he knows that he's got nothing to prove but does so just for the sport of rhyming. There are countless examples that Fab’s punchline game is still very much in tact but “Got the bookin' info if you're tryna make plans/I chase the money like Joe Budden do Drake fans” not only takes the cake, but takes the whole bakery. The line will make you laugh, screwface and scratch your head all at the same time. Not to mention featured guest Shake fares extremely well bringing her own melancholy vibe to the track.

“Goyard Bag” featuring Lil Uzi Vert is another rock-solid original -- which is a rather pleasant surprise seeing as both MCs are cut from completely different cloths. The same nod of approval applies to Fab's remix of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s “My Shit.” Fab has no grievance with the younger generation and their trap melodies, which in Uzi’s case, improves the track tenfold. Lyle Leduff, Keef Boyd and DJ Don Cannon make this style clash possible with a perfect sample of OutKast’s “Liberation.” Next up is “Sex Wit Me,” a remix to Rihanna’s unrestrained hit, in which Fab is able to get off some cunning “RiRi” wordplay.

While some fans may support the remixes on the tape, others may feel somewhat letdown as they're more love-oriented. Fab goes in over “I’m Goin Down” by Mary J. Blige, “Wishin” by Chris Brown and DJ Drama and even an original heartfelt ode to Ashanti. The rapper still delivers quality verses but the Funeral Fab that we’ve all come to love and know seems to take the backseat to a Fab that is more in his feelings. Luckily, his remix to Future’s “Check On Me” is just about as hard as it gets. The 808 Mafia beat has been a problem since its debut but Fab makes it even better with uppercuts like “Use the paper as my excuse/Treat the money like a doctor note/Neck heavy, got welts on it/Got a gold like Phelps on it.”

Fab also finishes the tape strong with two new cuts: “Ah Man” and “For the Family,” the latter featuring fellow New Yorkers Dave East and Don Q. The three Yankee MCs all deliver show-stopping verses as this proves to be the best cut on the entire mixtape. This is another welcome collabo featuring Dave and Fab following their link up on "Summertime/Sadness."

Summertime Shootout 2 serves its purpose as another well composed Fabolous mixtape. The original songs are far better than those showcased on his last offering and although a large portion of the remixes are for those in their feelings, F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S still manages to put some beats in the casket.

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