Nas rapped about fixing his chipped tooth on 2001's "Got Ur Self a Gun" and now Fabolous can do the same, having dropped an estimated $40,000 to repair his grill.

TMZ reports that Loso spent around that much for 10 new veneers for his top set of teeth reportedly as a birthday present to himself. He turned 39 in November.

Fab has referenced his jagged smile before on songs like "Into You," rapping, "You love my smile, no matter how chipped my tooth is." In 2011 though, he told Angie Martinez that it was time to straight things out. “I’m going to get all of my teeth fixed soon,” he said, telling Angie he missed a previous sit-down because he was getting a root canal. “I’m getting too old to have a chipped tooth in my mouth." He said then he was planning to just shock the world the development.

Looking at his Instagram page, Fab is already sporting off the new shine, smiling bright in lieu of a mean mug. Check for those flicks below, with lyrics like the one Nicki Minaj ends her verse on "For The Money" with forever a throwback from here on out.

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