On the final track of Ezale's outstanding 2016 Tonite Show album with DJ Fresh, the Oakland rapper spits, "My little brother could have made it to the NBA but it ain't go his way." His new video for "In a Day," premiering exclusively on XXL, is both a somber reminder of how his late little brother was lost to gun violence and an uplifting tribute to athletes that Ezale looks up to.

Shot in Chicago instead of his hometown of Oakland, the Kolepa-directed video incorporates footage of athletes like Marshawn Lynch, Damian Lillard, Leon Powe, Damon Powell, and Ayinde Ubaka.

"I shot the video in Chicago because it represented the cold and that’s what Oakland is about. It’s a cold game," Ezale tells XXL. "My merch is called Cold Game. The athletes in the video are local legends I looked up to. I used to go to their games. The video is about individuals in their positions going to the NBA or the NFL, and the trials and tribulations they've endured. Everyone in Oakland knows someone good in sports who has a family member they had to leave behind on the block.

"When I used to play football in high school, tickets used to be $10," Ezale continues. "If I could, I would make all high school games free because it’s ideal for young fans to have direct access to their heroes and role models. It’s not fair that if they lack money to pay for a game that they have to watch from behind the gate."

Watch Ezale's new visual above.

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