Ezale, the Bay Area rapper who released The Tonight Show with DJ Fresh last year, is back with a visual for one of his songs from the LP, “All It Take.”

The young rapper from Cali has been buzzing since he dropped his LP with DJ Fresh in September. A song from the LP called “All It Take” is one of the most popular tracks featured on the project and today, Ezale drops the visual to go along with it.

“All It Take” captures Ezale living the day to day life of a young rapper/hustler making his way through Oakland. Throughout the three minute vid, Ezale encounters family problems, young fans, drug dealing issues and even commits what seems to be a murder of some sort.

"The video is about the weird cycle of destructive behavior in Oakland; we don’t really get to choose our destiny," Ezale says. “The video is saying how you can’t hold no one’s hand through life, even if you try. The little boy is me. He's enjoying his innocence and is looking to his OGs as role models. Any OG can give him some game and guidance but it’s up to him to walk it. You can only help the kids so much until they grow up."

The Bay Area MC also released a visual for a song called "In A Day" where he reminisces about his brother who he lost to gun violence. The song/visual also pays homage to different athletes that Ezale looks up to.

Watch "All It Take" below.

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