South Florida's own Eric Biddines is back with a playful, yet sexy new visual for "Coffee Love," a tender cut from his new album, The Local Cafe.

The video, which was shot in L.A., finds Biddines romancing several members of the Suicide Girls squad in a coffee shop as his irresistibly charming "Coffee Love" serves as the soundtrack of casual first dates.

"The inspiration behind the video is coffee, of course: the variety of flavors and how it comes in all different blends and textures," Biddines tells XXL of the new visual. "We wanted to bring that into a more sensual element, merging love and women with coffee itself."

Sawa directs this new audio-visual experience. Biddines says the idea to collaborate with the talented director came from an organic place; mutual respect. "Sawa really wanted to work with me, and so it was a mutual thing. We both wanted to work with each other," Biddines says.

For Biddines, shooting "Coffee Love" offered at least a few new experiences. "This was the first video that I shot in L.A.  and the first video that I shot in a studio set up. There was food, catering, and even champagne there. I felt like a star," he explains. "It was a very professional experience. It made me Snapchat a little bit more than usual."

The "Rushing Forever" rapper says the video for "Coffee Love" won't be the last to come from The Local Cafe. He's got a lot in store for 2017. "I'm going to put out more visuals off The Local Cafe, which is the appetizer that's setting up the main course meal which will come later this year," Biddines reveals.

He continues,"I'm also getting more shows so I can perform the actual project live. This weekend I had a homecoming show and I performed songs off The Local Cafe for the first time. It was held in a 300-person capacity venue and we reached capacity a couple of times that night. It felt like the entire city came out to show support. People knew the songs; as soon as 'Whole Trunk' dropped people were ready for it. That was a great feeling. I shot a scene for an upcoming music video in there."

Peep the visual for "Coffee Love" below.

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