Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y’s careers flourished after the release of their 2009 cult classic collaborative How Fly. But even as the two rappers have grown tremendously, fans have long clamored for a reunion project. After some sample-clearance-related delays, the longtime pals dropped their 2nd collaborative effort, Live in Concert on the international stoner holiday, 4/20.

The EP’s foundation is it’s beautiful production, built off Bobby Humphrey’s 1975 jazz album Fancy Dancer. Wiz and Spitta have long had great ears for beats, and Live in Concert is rich in soulful sounds, most notably the long Ron Burgundy flute solos that find their way into nearly every song. Sultry sax pitches and timely keys makes the whole affair a jazz ensemble production. It’s a welcoming home for the duo’s lighthearted lyrics.

Throughout, Live in Concert is a celebration of life the many pleasures Wiz and Curren$y have been afforded since they first teamed up nearly four years ago. The subject matter hasn’t changed much since then and on “The Blend”, Spitta’s in full lifestyle rap mode, rapping “Sports coupe spoiler, sipping on a bottled water/ Dead serious like the fourth quarter/ Niggas can’t get this shit, it’s on back order/ Holla at the waiting list, I’m already sportin’ them.” There’s a fun moment where Spitta recalls the duo’s earliest encounters on “Revenge and Cake,” rapping “Highed up with Pittsburgh Pimpin’/Ever since my old crib, splittin’ ounces, going half on Chinese food to flights Hawaiian, a two week cruise excursion.” Since these days Curren$y's looking back on, Wiz has certainly found more commercial success than his partner, though his rhymes seem to have gotten much lazier. Never ending raps about how tall Wiz's money is now make Curren$y the more impressive MC on this reunion.

Clocking in at under 25 minutes, Live in Concert is on the short side but is potent nevertheless, giving fans exactly what was expected (with the exception of these flute solos). It’s predictable, enjoyable, warm-weather music that will be embraced with open arms by Jet Life and Taylor Gang fans alike. Christian Mordi (@Mordi_TheComeUp)