As the music landscape changes, sparking endless conversations regarding the ownership of music in the age of streaming, a recent opportunity regarding Eminem's storied catalog is reminding fans it's all business at the end of the day.

As announced in a statement by Royalty Flow, business-savvy fans will now have an opportunity to invest in music royalties from the Grammy Award-winning rapper's iconic recordings released between1999 and 2013.

Royalty Flow, which is a subsidiary of premier online marketplace Royalty Exchange, has filed to offer its shares to the public, through Title IV of the 2012 JumpStart Our Business Start-up (JOBS) Act, known as “Regulation A+," with Eminem being the first artist the venture is focusing on.

Eminem has sold over 172 million albums throughout his career, with 2005's Curtain Call recently being named the longest-charting hip-hop album in history.

To make this investment opportunity possible, Royalty Exchange is working with the Detroit producers who first signed Em, Jeff and Mark Bass of Funky Bass Team Productions, along with their manager Joel Martin.

Per Royalty Flow, individuals and institutional investors can buy shares in the previously privately-owned royalty catalog, with the minimum buy-in expected to be $2,250 for 150 shares ($15 per share). Following the "mini IPO," Royalty Flow is intending to list on a public stock exchange. Through this venture, anyone will be able to buy and trade shares, as well as be eligible to collect dividends from Eminem's royalties and other artists' assets as they are added.

"Royalty Flow gives investors the opportunity to participate in assets that are uncorrelated with public markets, and directly benefit in the music industry’s growth," Matthew Smith, CEO of Royalty Exchange and Royalty Flow’s Chairman, shared in a statement. "It also gives thousands of artists, producers, labels, songwriters, publishers, and other rightsholders who contribute to the success of the superstars they work with access to on-demand financing options with the kind of flexibility seldom found in the music industry."

While fans now have the opportunity to invest in some of the royalties of Eminem's impressive catalog, including the Diamond-certified Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, all eyes remain on the MC himself, with anticipation building surrounding his reportedly in-progress ninth studio album. The veteran rapper recently was busy helping with hurricane relief efforts, offering those who donated the opportunity to win a pair of sneakers donated by the likes of Mark Wahlberg, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Pharrell Williams and, of course, Eminem himself.

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