Masta Ace celebrated his 50th birthday on Dec. 4. To celebrate the occasion, Eminem rapped part of the Brownsville MC's verse from 1988's "The Symphony."

A clip of Eminem rapping the classic verse was shown on a projector at Masta Ace's birthday celebration. "I'm the originator, and my rhymes are made of gold," Em raps in the above video. "Once you hear the capital 'A' rap, it'll stay/With you for awhile, it won't go away/Unless you force it, because it stays with you, my friend/And if you toss it away, I'm-a hit ya again/I project my voice so it's right in the crowd/There's a sign at the door: no bitin' allowed/And if you didn't read it I suggest you do so/Or you'll be stranded, just like Crusoe/Sleep if ya wanna, go 'head, get some shut-eye."

At the end of the video, which was recorded at his Shady Records studio, Em thanks Masta Ace for being an inspiration and one of his biggest influences as a young artist.

Meanwhile, R.A The Rugged Man took to Facebook to pay tribute to Masta Ace. “All night I was surrounded by the greatest MC’s that ever lived.. BIG DADDY KANE, KOOL G RAP, ROXANNE SHANTE, GRANDMASTER CAZ, LORD FINESSE, BUMPY KNUCKLES, SADAT X, CRAIG G, MELLE MEL.. producers GIZMO, KING OF CHILL, KAY GEE (Naughty by Nature), MARLEY MARL,” R.A wrote. “These are all the legends I wanted to be when I was a 12 year old battle rapper out in Long Island… The JUICE CREW is why I rap and back then I would’ve never imagined my idols would become like my family."

In case you missed it, go back and check out Masta Ace's most recent release, "Story of Me." You can also check out Juice Crew's "The Symphony" below via YouTube.

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