Ebro has admitted he was trolling. Pack it up.

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Is Eminem about to come for Drake? Ebro from Hot 97 seems to think so. On air this morning (Aug. 3), the popular radio host described a private conversation he recently had with Drizzy.

On Ebro in the Morning with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, Ebro says, "I told Drake I heard the rumor was that Eminem was gonna gear up to come after him. And [Drake] laughed, and he said, 'That's not gonna happen. He'll never do that. And if he did I got something for him, too.'"

Ebro is one of the most respected members of hip-hop media, so it's a safe bet that he knows what he's talking about. Drake quelled any rumor of an Eminem diss track, but maybe Ebro knows something that Drizzy doesn't. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. If it comes to fruition, Em and Drake could be an interesting beef. Remember, they collaborated on "Forever."

Drake and Ebro also spoke about the Joe Budden beef. According to Ebro, Drake said that Joe has been threatening to release DMs, but Drake knows he'll never actually post them because of their content. Ebro says, "Drake was like, 'The reason he ain't put 'em out is because I DM'ed him and said I hope you get well in this tough time.' AKA you out here strung out on dope or something. So he ain't put that out."

In other Drizzy-related news, the Toronto rapper is gearing up for a pop-up store in New York City from Thursday, Aug. 4 to Sunday, Aug. 7 at 208 Bowery Street in Manhattan. If you're in the area, you should definitely check that out.

You can listen to the audio from this morning's radio show above via Twitter. Keep it locked to XXL as more information about this story emerges.

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