Eminem has invested more money into a sneaker stock market startup called StockX. The Detroit rapper is one of the former investors to supply additional funds to the startup company, which is an e-commerce site catering to the global sneaker resell market. StockX connects buyers and sellers using a live bidding market.

Slim Shady is part of a group of investors that generated $6 million for StockX, which plans to expand into other products like watches and handbags. Wale, DJ Skee, Mark Wahlberg and Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden are among the other investors, according to Fortune.

Eminem might be willing to take a chance in the investment world, but the veteran MC is not so cool with challenges in the studio. Stat Quo recently detailed how he once angered Em and stifled in his own career by doing so.

“My album would have came out but I fucked up,” Stat Quo said. “There was a song called ‘Dance On It.’ Em wrote the chorus and Em wanted me to say the chorus. I thought it was not good. If I would have said, ‘Yeah, that’s it! That’s the one we going with!’ I would’ve got my album out. But I tried to be on some ‘Nah, I don’t like that; that ain’t a hit.’ I was really arguing with the top-selling rapper of all time on what a fuckin’ hit was. What a dummy idiot I was!”

Stat Quo never got to drop a solo album during his time on Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment. His long awaited Statlanta LP would not be released until 2010, two years after his departed Shady/Aftermath.

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