Eminem is one of many Marvel fans who angered by Netflix's decision to cancel comic book-based TV series The Punisher. Last night (Feb. 20), the Detroit native vented about the cancelation of the series starring Jon Bernthal to his 22.5 million Twitter followers in a short and sweet tweet.


Em didn't add anything else, but considering that the tweet's been liked nearly 270,000 times, it's clear that his message resonated. Em's also got at least one tie to a Marvel property. Last year, Em contributed the song "Venom" to Marvel and Columbia Pictures' film Venom. The song also appears on his Kamikaze album.

While Em's tweet seemingly comes from a genuine place of fandom, he might be aiming his blame at the wrong company. Disney, which owns all of Marvel Studios' properties, hasn't spoken on why, exactly, they're canceling The Punisher or other Marvel Studios shows like Luke Cage and Daredevil, but it is known that they're launching a streaming platform dedicated to Disney content. A lot of people speculate that it's the launching of Disney's platform that led to the cancelation of the shows.

Em's tweet comes a couple days after he threw some shade at Machine Gun Kelly during a show in Brisbane, Australia. At the time, Em was gearing up to end his set when the fans started chanting the song title in an effort to get him to perform his diss track aimed at Machine Gun Kelly.

“I would but I can’t give that cocksucker any more light,” he told the audience, refusing to perform the aforementioned diss track.

Check out Eminem's feedback for Netflix below.

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