Eminem weighs in on the best rapper of all-time debate, and surprisingly, admits he doesn't really pay attention to those discussions.

Following the release of his Music to Be Murdered By - Side B (Deluxe Edition) album, Em sat down with Zane Lowe of Apple Music to discuss hip-hop. During the conversation, which aired on Wednesday (Dec. 30), Slim Shady explained his opinion on the best rappers of all-time debate and the lists that go viral on social media over the years.

"Like, I don't know if it's fair to say that I don't really get into those lists, like I don't really, it doesn't really matter to me," Em shares at the 7:29-mark of the interview on YouTube. "I know for a fact how I feel. I rap to be the best rapper. But I'm not the only rapper who raps to be the best rapper. [Lil] Wayne, [J.] Cole, Kendrick [Lamar], you know what I'm saying, like Joyner Lucas. They rap to be the best rapper, and I feel like that's, you know, when you push yourself like that, that's what I feel like inspires greatness."

As for the great debate of who is the best rapper of all time, Eminem doesn't even have the answer for that. "Hip-hop's went through too many different transitions for anyone really to be the best rapper of all time," Em says around the 20:40 minute mark of the interview on Apple Music. "It's evolved. Now people are doing things with flows that I never could have seen happening. But at the same time, rappers from that era meant so much more to that era, just because there were so many innovators and there were so many rappers."

The Detroit native has more than two decades in the game and has been the subject of much talk. His venomous, fast-paced verses have landed him a spot in history books as one of the greats, but such talk is often up for debate.

Eminem's statement comes after the deluxe edition of his latest LP takes aim at Snoop Dogg on the song "Zeus." Em presumably went in on Snoop after the West Coast rapper admitted that Eminem does not land in his personal top five of best rappers of all time. While the reasoning behind Snoop's comments were never addressed, Eminem has never back-peddled his statements.

Check out the Zane Lowe interview with Eminem below.

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