Eminem has always been the type of rapper to extend his help to someone in need. During Grantland’s oral history of the movie 8 Mile, starring Em, local Detroit rapper, Gerald L. “Strike” Sanders, spoke out on how he was bailed out of jail before the making of the movie by the platinum-selling artist.

“It was funny because I was on the run from the feds at that time. When we pulled up to the [auditions], we actually thought it was the feds. At that time I was in the streets, carrying guns. My manager was like, “If they try to arrest you, I’ll shoot in the air, you run!” [Later,] Em done bailed me out on my attempted murder case. Proof went to him to get the money for that,” said Strike.

The rapper, who played Lyckety-Splyt in the movie, was one of the many local rappers who played in the film, considering Eminem and the producers wanted to make a conscientious effort in displaying the realism of Detroit rappers.—Carl Lamarre


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