For New Yorkers, the navy Yankee cap is a staple, its ubiquity spanning boroughs and generations. El-P, a Brooklyn resident and native, has been known to switch that style up some, rocking Yankee caps in green or red, though he notes this weekend that he has decided to no longer wear the red cap for its potential association with President-elect Donald Trump. Trump's campaign used red caps featuring the words "Make America Great Again" on them, and El doesn't want to be associated with Trump or his ideals, even accidentally.

"Red hat thing is no joke," El-P wrote on Sunday (Nov. 13) in a series of since deleted tweets. "Few white friends told me about realizing POC/women seeming nervous around them and i dawning on them: red hat. So yeah red hats out. Small as it is, it’s become a trigger for stress and fear and as sign of ideals I don’t wanna rep even from a distance. Kinda wish me saying donate to @PPAct was deemed decent clickbait too. but hey. I know when we drop rtj3 everyone is gonna assume it’s an election reaction despite %100 being written before the election."

Run The Jewels have always injected some social and political perspective into their music, Killer Mike becoming one of the more vocal and outspoken rappers during the election, speaking to black communities in his hometown of Atlanta and beyond. While neither Mike nor El were ardent Hillary Clinton supports, the statement here in ceasing to wear the red Yankee cap is one of solitude with those fearful of a Trump presidency. RTJ3 is expected to drop in the coming months.

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