The NFL is facing a lot of backlash after the organization announced their new policy yesterday (May 23) which fines players who kneel during the National Anthem at season game. Today (May 24), El-P is also expressing his distaste for the football league, revealing what happened when they tried to get the rights to Run The Jewels' "Legend Has It" record.

According to the RTJ member, the NFL asked El-P for the rights to the song, which they planned on using during the Super Bowl. The rapper says that he and Killer Mike told the NFL no because "fuck them."

"NFL been trash," he says. "They asked for the rights to play legend has it in the stadium during the superbowl. we said no because fuck them. they operate like they're an indispensable public utility. they aren't. they are gone with the flip of a channel. fuuuuuuck you."

El-P also claims that the football organization did not want to pay the "Thursday in the Danger Room" duo anything for the song rights, as it was meant to be more of a donation.

"And just in case anyone is wondering how much the nfl wanted to pay us for using legend has it, that would be zero dollars and the strong suggestion that we take them up on the opportunity to enrich a private, racist and for profit company masquerading as a non profit. blow me," he continues.

If you recall, Colin Kaepernick originally brought kneeling during the National Anthem to light in order to silently protest the oppression that people of color face in the U.S. in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Check out the tweets from El-P regarding the NFL below.

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