El-P becomes the latest rapper to tie the knot.

This past weekend, the Run the Jewels rapper married his longtime girlfriend Emily Panic, and he documented the happy event on his Instagram account.

Posting an image of his left hand with his wedding ring on it, El-P served up a heartfelt caption about his marriage. "[I] don’t think i would ever be able to describe the magnitude of what we experienced over these last few days so i’ll just say thank you to everyone who was a part of it. i’ll never forget it. and thank you @aprettybigmouth for being my wife," wrote the Run the Jewels 3 artist.

He also confirmed the nuptials in a tweet. “yeah me and @aprettybigmouth got hitched after 9 years. thanks for the love sent our way ❤️(drawing by @ianklarer ),” El-P wrote on Twitter with a photo of Run The Jewels’ signature album artwork recreated to showcase his hand putting a ring on his wife’s finger.

While there isn't too much information about El-P's actual wedding, a second IG post, which includes an image of the rapper kissing the bride outside, tells us the ceremony was held outdoors. "[Me] and the love of my life sealing the deal. photo by @benjaminnorman. and yeah i’m wearing rod lavers," El-P writes in the caption for that post.

El-P and his wife, who is both a comedian and a musician, had been dating for several years before they married this past weekend. For her part, Emily uploaded photos of what appear to be some post-wedding festivities onto her Instagram account.

You can check out wedding photos from both El-P and his new wife for yourself below.

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