Atlanta rappers Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have been making a name for themselves in hip-hop as the duo EarthGang. While the two clearly have chemistry in their music and on EPs like Rags and Robots, how much do Venus and Dot actually know about each other?

XXL put EarthGang's knowledge of each other to the test in the latest segment of Real Friends. Although the two got off to a bumpy start by not being able to agree on Dot's favorite food spot, they quickly got back on track, correctly answering questions such as Venus' favorite Atlanta Falcons player of all-time, Dot's favorite type of bear and Dot's favorite TV show right now.

While EarthGang is now signed to J. Cole's Dreamville Records, the Atlanta duo previously told us about their apprehensiveness toward record labels. "It’s funny being signed because before we met Barry, our manager, before we met Zeke and J. Cole, our mentality was fuck the label," Venus told XXL.

But those feelings changed after Venus knew EarthGang needed people like that in their corner. "We understand that you can’t do everything by yourself," he said. "You can’t become a billionaire, a millionaire by yourself. It doesn’t happen that way. We learned it's OK to trust people with your ideas and let's all come together and share our thoughts. It’s just a beautiful thing."

Check out Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot put their friendship to the test in XXL's Real Friends below.

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