E-40 has been in hip-hop for over two decades. He has made a plethora of hit records and worked with almost everyone in the industry. The Bay Area OG has also been with his wife, Tracy , for over twenty-five years. These high school sweethearts been together since 1985 and married in 1991. So E-40 was the perfect man to ask advice on how to maintain a good relationship. Here's his answer:

It's always good when two people like the same things. The conversation has to naturally happen. That’s when you get into "what you like" and "what are you in to." Me and Her [Tracy] we love bowling, me and my wife. Any relationship, I’m talking about even with your kids, when you got something they can relate to—both of y'all—it helps. Otherwise it's going to be like, “whats up, whats up.” [Laughs} Am I lying though?  Its good to adjust to each other liking because you might like something that she don’t like and vice versa. Communication, that keeps everything cool. Not holding anything back, you got to tell each other what’s on your mind, that’s really it. Otherwise when one gets mad at one, it can burst and you just let it out and it can just come out wrong. We've been together for 28 years going on to 29. We met in high school but we really met in junior high. I like her [Tracy] since the 8th grade [Laughs].