E-40's debut single, "Captain Save a Hoe," was released way back in 1994, but more than two decades later, the song is making headlines again.

According to a report from TMZ, the hip-hop legend has filed a lawsuit against author Erika Kane, who goes by iiKane, and her publishers for her new book, Captain Save a Hoe. In court documents obtained by the site, 40 claims to own the rights to "Captain Save a Hoe," and the author using the name on her book is unfairly profiting off of his song. The rapper has asked a judge to pull Kane's book from shelves and for any money she has made from it so far.

E-40 recently appeared on the cover of XXL's 20th anniversary edition, and sat down for an interview where he discussed his longevity in hip-hop. When asked if he was surprised by his success and how long he's lasted in the game, the rapper told us, "I don't think I'm surprised."

He added, "I feel like I'm getting my just due at a later time. There's been actors and all kind of people that get that. It's all God's will. However God had it planned, I'm rockin' with how he do it. He took the steering wheel, and I'm letting him drive."

The rapper also revealed his key to longevity, crediting "not blowing up too quick. He added, "When you blow up too quick you gotta realize people's patience. They wanna rock with what's new."

As of late, 40 can be heard on TeeCee4800's "Got 2 Go" and appears on Keak Da Sneak's latest album, Withdrawal.

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