Drake's security team means business. The Canadian rap star and a convoy of cars were recently dipping through the city streets when they got separated by a driver who apparently didn't want to get caught in the intersection. Drizzy's team wasn't afraid to use some strong-arm tactics to right the situation.

In video of the incident posted to YouTube channel, KushCam, Aubrey is seen bending the corner in a Maybach, while his team follows in Escalades. The driver, who is filming the situation, gets in the middle of the pack. "Fuck you, no. Your gonna make me get stuck in the fucking...," the driver says aloud while he takes his position.

Shortly afterward, one of Drake's security members gets out of his car and stands in front of the driver's car, blocking him from proceeding, so Drizzy's team can get back in place. "I had the right of way," the driver argues, saying he will report what just occurred to the police.

"Then run me over, bro," the security guard answers. "I'll take your Tesla," he adds.

The Tesla driver gave his side of the story in the description of the video. "I didn't want to be stuck in the middle of the intersection when it turned red and had right of way. Then the Escalades drive in the Bike lanes and the security guard stands in front of my car to stop me so they can go around me and threatens to take my Tesla. Do you think my reaction was justified, as I felt threatened," he wrote.

In other Drake-related news, the More Life rapper will be hitting the road in November. Earlier this week, he announced the tour dates for his Boy Meets World Tour for Australia and New Zealand.

Check out video of the road incident below.

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