Drake stopped by Chelsea Lately last night as part of his promo run for Nothing Was The Same, which is in stores today, and the interview only barely stayed on any sort of topic before running off the rails and into full-scale sexual...something.

Drake kicks things off by lighting a candle before presenting Chelsea with a set of eight toothbrushes. He describes getting a new toothbrush as "soul cleansing," which I initially thought was somewhere between a psychotic and iconic statement, but am now leaning more towards iconic after thinking about it. Gotta love a new toothbrush.

Chelsea compares his album cover, the illustration of Drake as a child, to photos of Jay Z's baby Blue Ivy, which is a little undeniable once you make the connection, and pulled up a photo of Drake sporting an afro on the set of Anchorman 2, which is screen-grabbed below for posterity's sake. Another choice quote on the latter subject: "Anchorman was like, a huge part of my life."

drake anchorman 2

They also—briefly—spoke about the content of the album after Chelsea asks why Nicki Minaj didn't make an appearance. "I kind of like, took control of this album and tried to tell my story as much as possible, and do as many of the verses just myself," he said. "I felt like I had a lot to say. But I did try to take control of this album." Then Chelsea really starts to ask the tough questions, namely, "Are you still penetrating Rihanna?" to which Drake just kind of shakes his head uncomfortably and waves it away, saying, "We're way past that." Seems like he might not be into the mullet, either.

The flirtation thirst is real here. It's worth watching the whole thing, though. Check XXL's Nothing Was The Same review right here.