Controversy surrounds Drake after he's seen touching and kissing a 17-year-old fan onstage at a concert several years ago.

The video clip, which resurfaced on social media on Jan. 4, is reportedly from a concert that happened in 2010. That year, Drake would have been around 23 years old.

At first, the Scorpion MC and the fan share a dance while soft music plays. He then pulls her closer and massages her shoulders before kissing her neck. The crowd goes crazy off of the intimate moment. The rapper then puts his arms around the young woman, touching her breasts in the process before stopping.

"Y'all gon' have me get carried away. I get in trouble for shit like this. How old are you?" the rapper then questions.

After learning she is 17, Drizzy seems thrown off. “I can’t go to jail yet, man," Drake yells. "Why do you look like that? You thick. Look at all this. Well, listen 17, I had fun. I don’t know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you.”

He then kisses the fan's hands and face.

The timing of the surfacing of this video strangely happened in the midst of the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries being shown on Lifetime. In the doc, R. Kellly is accused by several women of having abusive underage relationships.

XXL has reached out to Drake's camp for a comment on the video.

Check out the footage in question below.

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