Being the official global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, Drake has developed a strong rapport with Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, two all-star guards who acted as the squad's best players for more than half a decade. With this in mind, it isn't too surprising to see that the 6ix God hung out with DeRozan after the Raptors traded the Compton native for the San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard last week.

Speaking with ESPN, DeRozan revealed that Drizzy was one of the first people he hung out with after he learned the news.

"The day it came out, I went to Drake's house," DeRozan told ESPN's Chris Haynes. "Sat and talked for a couple hours, man. Not even on the hoops stuff, just my partner. Just to hear the words that come from him being the person that he is in this world, especially in Toronto. What I meant to the city—it was what I needed."

Having first joined the Raptors in 2009, DeRozan had become a fixture of the Raptors organization, becoming an all-star in 2014. During that time, Drizzy and DeRozan could be seen exchanging hugs and high-fives on the sidelines. It was clear they were pretty cool, and it's easy to see why Drake would feel the need to make some time to chill with the former Raptors star.

With that in mind, super-fan Drizzy shouted out DeRozan in an Instagram post where he also welcomed Leonard to his new squad.

"To my brother @demar_derozan I want to say 10 million thank you’s on behalf of YOUR city," "You are a fixture in Toronto forever and you gave everything you had. Through your leadership we had the most exciting years in franchise history. I am grateful to have witnessed your combination of skill, persistence, and loyalty from the same seats every night. Thank you for being an incredible captain and an even better friend."

In his next bit, Drake welcomed Leonard with open arms: "To Kawhi...we look forward to a this new chapter and we welcome you to the most intense and supportive city in NBA basketball!!! You have always been a poised clinical warrior and I can’t wait to see how Toronto inspires your fight. Let’s Go Raptors."

Check out DeRozan's interview for yourself below. Peep Drizzy's heartfelt IG post beneath that.

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