As the two made a cameo in Drake's video, it's only right for the two to connect again on stage at Drizzy's St. Louis show. Decked in an all white pimp suit, Drake's pops busted his dance moves for the camera one more time.

A former drummer for Jerry Lewis, Dennis Graham returned to the stage at St. Louis's Scottrade Center at the request of his son. As Dennis also appears in the "Worst Behavior" video with Drizzy, you can tell the two did a lot of prepping for this sort of thing early on, before the fame.

Last month, in an exclusive interview with XXL Dennis spoke on raising Drake in Memphis and always knowing that his son would one day be famous. "Yeah, ’cause he wrote all the time," Dennis reflected. "He wrote on paper all the time, ever since he was a young man. Putting his thoughts down on paper. I think he still has that notebook he used to use to write in. I knew he was going to be a star from the time he was a kid at 5 years old. I told him, “You’re are going to be a star,” and sure enough.