DP stepped into the rap spotlight in 2014 with his track "Jabar." Since then, he's kept a relatively low profile, dropping his debut project Designer Casket and inking a deal with 300 Entertainment.

The Virginia Beach rapper makes a dark statement with the release of his music video for the single "The Burial" produced by Brooklyn Taylor. The song appears on Designer Caskets, which was released as a free download this past November.

The video was premiered by Complex, who conducted an interview with DP. The 300 Entertainment signee spoke about "The Burial" video and how he would like to see art imitate life.

"It’s a sick concept," DP said. "They had me in a suit and everything. It’s basically a simulation of my burial. They had homies dropping various items like Newports, Backwoods, and bullets in my casket. Bury me with a pint of Actavis, bury me with two of my bitches, mummify they asses. I wanna be mummified. That’s how we going out."

DP also let the world know that he's got some more music in the works.

"Yeah, we’ve been working," DP explained. "I actually got tracks from more than a year ago that I’m going to put up on the project. It’s a whole new concept. I’m still going to talk that shit, but it’s coming from a little different standpoint, probably not as dark. More aggressive than anything."

If you have not heard DP's Designer Casket yet, you can download it for free via this link.

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