As Election Day draws closer, the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton grows more contentious by the day, with audio leaks, The New York Times reports and numerous accusers coming forward to paint Trump as a sexual assault offender. Trump National Spokesperson Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN recently to comment on the 2005 audio in which Trump speaks cavalierly about committing sexual assault, pinning society's rape culture on Hollywood and hip-hop.

"I do quite find it rich that we have Democrats and the left talking about rape culture when they’re the ones backed fully by Hollywood," Pierson says in the above clip. "This rape culture is purported by none other than the entertainment industry, none other than hip-hop music which you can hear on local radio stations as well as network television which actually pushes this. This is a bigger issue here."

"We are talking about a society who puts women on a pedestal because of a sex tape," she continues. "And then we have the audacity to claim that all of a sudden there’s a moral compass. This is something that Mr. Trump said, who he thought was in private, that came to light for crying out loud as he was a part of that hip-hop celebrity culture."

A curious response no doubt, Pierson seems to defend Trump's remarks by saying that he is simply a product of a culture that has created and normalized such assault and talk of it. Her answer, though it does reference Trump's apology, absolves the Republican nominee of all responsibility for what would be criminal behavior because he is part of a larger culture, though the notion that Trump in any way represents or is of something hip-hop is strange in and of itself. Listen to her full remarks above.

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