Up-and-coming Memphis, TN rapper Don Trip has been building quite a buzz with his heartfelt Cee-Lo-assisted banger, "Letter To My Son." But when XXL recently sat down with the Cool & Dre protégé to talk about the song, the only thing he wanted to discuss was the hit sitcom, Friends. Ends up Trip is a lifelong fan of the show, thanks to Jennifer Aniston's character, Rachel Green. With that in mind, XXL asked DT to pen Ms. Green a letter of her own. He'll be there for you, honey!


Dear Rachel Green (Not Jennifer Aniston),

I’m probably the only rapper to admit that I have a real life crush on Rachel Green. That’s the only reason that I watch Friends, actually. I learned all the character names ’cause of you. I know them in alphabetical order. Rachel Green, you made me wanna be Ross in every episode when you were with Ross. And you made me wanna be Joey in those three episodes that you were with Joey. I wanted to be in Barbados and I wanted to be hidden in the closet. There’s some things about Rachel Green I won’t say in detail, but every episode, I think it was cold on set. I like that you did you hair more than a black woman. That’s always something special. Hair means a lot especially when it’s real hair. You wouldn’t have to work at the coffee house if you were my Rachel Green.

Don Trip

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