The release date for Lil Uzi Vert's forthcoming LUV Is Rage 2 feels like one of the world's most carefully guarded secrets. The thing is, the project might not even actually have a release date to begin with. One week after Uzi called out an anonymous "old person" for preventing his album from being released, DJ Don Cannon, who co-founded Generation Now (the imprint Uzi's signed to), has come forth to say the project's been partially held up by mixing and mastering.

"If you didn't hear, LUV Is Rage is not dropping no time soon. It's not going to be a long time from now, but not within this month," Cannon said during a recent live stream session. "We still working on the album. It's a process. You got to make the album, mix the album, master the album. Put it out. That takes time when you're perfecting it."

Cannon went on to make a number of stunning revelations during his lenghty live stream session, some of which you can see in the video below. According to the Philadelphia producer, "XO Tour Llif3,” a song that's seemingly become everyone's favorite these days, has a secret special guest in the version of the song that will, in fact, appear on LUV Is Rage 2. 

Cannon also mentions LUV Is Rage 2's big, "game-changing, stadium anthems," and Uzi bringing back his old flow for at least a few records on the project. Later on, he mentions Uzi, Kendrick Lamar and Future as some of the most talented artists he's ever worked with, while also seemingly shooting-down the notion that DJ Drama is the one responsible for holding up Uzi's album.

You can check out the bit about the seemingly delayed release of LUV Is Rage 2 at the very beginning of the video.

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