Following the breakup of Odd Future, the individual members of the crew were left in limbo as the crew started to go their respective ways. Domo Genesis is fortunately carving his own path, dropping his new album Genesis to positive reviews and offering a different sound than fans of the West Coast rapper are used to hearing.

"[Odd Future] fans are used to hearing me rhyme over straight boom bap, or Alchemist beats. I had an album like that at first, but then I thought this is my debut...I went back to my roots and did my own thing and provided something that my grandma can bump to. I think they'll grow into it, it's something new for me personally."

While breaking down lyrics from his album with Sway, Domo touched on the state of Odd Future and coming up in the rap world with the now defunct clique. "I sat on the bench and watched the team get theirs," he said. "A lot of people broke off and was getting it in first. Tyler been popping for three years, Earl and The Internet were both on and I was tired of sitting around watching, I wanted to get in the game. I'm just a loyal person at heart so if someone helped me get to some point or get somewhere, I'm there forever."

Throughout the lengthy spot, the MC rapped over production from Christian Rich, spoke about growing up with an autistic brother and took phone calls from fans. Check it above and stream his project below.

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