DMX has had some ruff riding in 2013. X was arrested Monday night for the fourth time this year in South Carolina.

This time he got picked up at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport and charged with three coutns: driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance and no tag on his car.

He was also arrested in South Carolina on Feb. 13 and July 26 in 2013 for driving with a suspended license while adding a DUI charge during the July arrest. Even when he's not driving he seems to get arrested. His third arrest this year came in August when a car he was riding in got pulled over and he had a warrant for one of the license suspensions. The cops found some weed in the vehicle and cited him and the driver.

For this current airport arrest, the cops recognized DMX as he arrived at the terminal. They were familiar with Earl NMN Simmons (as he was booked in county lockup) by his quantity of arrests and approached his car. The rest is mugshot history.

Here are a few suggestions of how DMX can stay out of trouble ...
- DMX, get to the DMV and get a hardship license.
- Get a driver or an intern who can drive. Well, you can't have interns in New York, but you should be good in Spartanburg County.
- If you must drive, dress like golfer Rickie Fowler and go incognito in a nondescript minivan.
- Stay away from airports. Between this and the cocaine, weapon and menacing charges at JFK, airports are not your friend

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