After being dropped from G-Unit everyone thought Young Buck was done. But in an attempt to keep his name ringing bells in the streets Buck Marley dropped Back For The Streets. On it he sounded like he left that G’d up swagger back at his old G-Unit digs. A very far cry from his Straight Outta Cashville banger. His flow was dumbed down and his content was more Cash Money-ish than it was gutter. Someone must’ve sent him a memo and complained—like I did—cause he’s back with some crack that’ll have Bobby and Whitney reunited (and it feels soo gooood).

The Cashville representative took it back to his “Buck the world” style with his middle finger up on joints like “What They Talk About,” “Lose My Mind” and “Way Out Here.” On the Lil Wayne featured, “Ups and Downs” Buck reflects on a hard knock life talking about, “Stealin’ niggas cars, just trying to get my bread right/the bed bugs bite every night/no water no light.” If you grew up in the ghetto, there’s no way you cannot relate to those first few lines.

On “Letter To The Labels” Buck takes the time to let these major labels know when he says, “Atlantic don’t panic/Buck still standing/Let Lyor know when I’m landin’/Jive I survive—politics, labels going broke/Jimmy really didn’t wanna let me go from Interscope/Universal, come to my rehearsal/bring ya check book, you know what I can earn you/I can be a weapon to Cap Fit/Obama to Asylum/a C.T.E. dream/a Grand Hustle king/Roc Nation rock star, Jigga know what I mean/and Sony need anything on the big screen.”

While most of his beats sound southern generic (“I Just Done It,” “Everything On Sale,” & “30 Birds Away”), Buck still goes in something horrible on them. Buck has a style that can actually make him all of those things he said on “Letter To The Labels.” His first album still gets major burn in my stereo and iPod because it was tough as nails, but he can still flip a verse for the ladies like he did on “Wanna Get To Know You.” All this man needs is a versatile producer(s) (Cookin’ Soul anyone??) and watch him blow to the point where Boston George used to be.-The Infamous O

Hottest Joint: “Ups and Downs”

Weakest Joint: “I Just Done It”