This past Memorial Day (May 29), police in Jupiter, Fla. arrested Tiger Woods under suspicion of driving under the influence. Like just about everyone else in the world, DJ Quik was stunned by Tiger's recent arrest for DUI. He revealed as much in a brief conversation with TMZ reporters.

"The fuck outta here," the 47-year-old producing legend exclaimed when reporters revealed the news of Tiger's arrest. "He misses his wife, that will cause you to drink when you let your wife go for some hoes, you know what I mean?" Quik said several seconds later, alluding to Tiger's alleged infidelities outside of his marriage with his ex-wife.

Quik, who released his Rosecrans album with Problem a little over a month ago, goes on to explain how he's perplexed by the idea of Tiger driving while intoxicated, noting that he could've had someone drive him instead of taking the wheel himself. He also offered up a few words of advice for the beleaguered golf legend.

"I respect and love Tiger man. Dry up Tiger, that's not the look bro. Looks like the S.O.S. right now," Quik says in the video. Quik also implies Tiger has too much too lose by being in a jail cell, calling him the Michael Jordan of golf.

Quik is telling Tiger to "dry up," but according to Tiger, alcohol wasn't even the problem—it was his meds. According to CNN, Tiger says his DUI arrest was brought on by "an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications."

"I understand the severity of what I did and I take full responsibility for my actions," Tiger reportedly said of his arrest. We'll have to stay tuned for more details on the situation.

See DJ Quik's reaction just below.

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