Earlier today (Sept. 8), Ab-Soul called out Lil Uzi Vert for refusing to rap over a beat by DJ Premier on Hot 97 months ago. "All these new "lil" niggaz is weak as the time it took to create earth," wrote Soulo on Twitter. "We don't pass on PRIMO beats in this sport kids!"

Now, DJ Premier says Uzi actually reached out to the legendary producer, and according to Premier, they have no problems.

"Shout to the LiL Homie for reachin' out to me directly...dope things were said and I respect that...We all good...Salute," wrote Premier on Twitter.

In the last couple weeks, it's felt like a generational gap is widening in hip-hop. Pete Rock took Young Dolph to task first, criticizing him for rapping about having cocaine in his veins while a child watched on. Then he called out Lil Yachty for his Hot 97 freestyle next. Now Soulo seems to have caught the bug.

Some think it's unfortunate that those of the older generation can't understand new age rap on it's own terms. Others are glad artists are speaking out about how they truly feel. We're just glad there doesn't seem to be any bad blood between Uzi and Primo.

As for Ab-Soul, Uzi Vert had this to say: "I love everybody no matter what."

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