Some old beef has been reignited. Three 6 Mafia co-founder DJ Paul and former member Playa Fly got into it on social media this week over the use of the phase "Mafia All Day." Paul planned to use it as the title of a new mixtape which angered Fly and sparked some criticism from fans. Fly has used the "Mafia All Day" phrase for almost his entire career which began in the early '90s.

"What kind of shit is this??? What are your thoughts???" Playa Fly wrote on Twitter. "I call it copyright infringement. Fuck A Wanna Be!!! I'm MAFIA ALL DAY!!! Imitators, niggas trait like they hard. Soft ass."

The two Memphis hip-hop legends exchanged some more shots on various social media platforms. DJ Paul seemed to get fed up with the whole situation as he tried to put an end to blowback from Playa Fly and fans alike. The acclaimed producer announced he would probably change the mixtape title, but claimed it had nothing to do with Fly.

"Not Sure Yet But Im Thinkin Bout Changing Title," DJ Paul wrote on Instagram. "Not Cuz No Niggaz 4 Sure!!! But 2 Reasons... 1 Ive Been Tellin Yall #M4L Would Be Da Title For A Yr Now So If I Use Mafia All Day I Can Never Use Mafia 4 Life Cuz Itll Confuse People Cuz They So Close. 2. Cuz Im Not Mafia All Day...Im Mafia 4 Life!!! If U Saying Mafia All Day U Probly Was Just In Da Mafia For A Day 2 Be Real! Fyi U Cant Copyright A Title People."

Check out all of this week's DJ Paul vs. Playa Fly saga below.

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