DJ Mustard’s track from Rick Ross’ album Mastermind was unrecognizable to the producer after Kanye West got his hands on it. During an interview with Hardknock TV the producer spoke on his collaboration with West and how it took shape.

“The crazy sh-t about it is he did it and I didn’t know that was my beat,” explains Mustard, “That’s how different it sounds.”

According to the hit maker, West chose the track from over 100 beats and proceeded to use it as the foundation of the final product. Playing the original, hMustard tells how Kanye slowed it down and included a sample to give it a different feel.

The producer who is hard at work on his own album laughed, “He could have just took it and I wouldn’t have even known.”

Mustard also detailed his view on working in the pop world, his goal of getting a Grammy, cranking out 10 -20 beats a day, and giving Nikki Minaj over 100 beats to choose from for her next album.- G. Valentino Ball