If we've learned anything about DJ Khaled in the last year, it's that he really loves his son, Asahd. The We The Best boss is taking legal action against a company that has filed trademarks for his son's name and has been making money off products that also display the kid's name.

Khaled filed court documents on Friday (June 8), against Curtis Bordenave and his company, Business Consulting. According to TMZ, the filing comes as a result of the label head alleging BC has applied for the trademarks "Asahd Couture," "Asahd" and "We The Best Lifestyle."

Khaled goes on to claim that the company has already created clothing with his son's name displayed on it, which is duping fans into thinking it is related to his seed and at the same time fattening Bordenave's pockets. Khaled has his own line called Haddad Brands in the works, but claims Business Consulting has blocked his efforts to create Asahd-related products.

Khaled is seeking to have Bordenave halt the sale of Asahd-related items and fork over any profits made.

A number of artists have engaged in trademark battles in 2018. In January, WWE tried to block Travis Scott from using the handle, Cactus Jack. In April, The Weeknd engaged in a trademark battle over the name, "Star Boy." Last month, Dr. Dre lost out on a trademark battle with Pennsylvania-based gynecologist, Dr. Drai, after the trademark office sided with the medical doctor.

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