It seems as if others may be suffering for DJ Khaled's success. According to a TMZ report, the Miami DJ, producer and general revelry expert is being sued by a New York jeweler who claims that Khaled broke their contract, refusing to pay for pieces that he was supposed to have on only a trial basis. The jeweler, Rafaello & Company, said in court documents that in 2012, they sent Khaled two Rolex watches, a pair of diamond earrings, a four-karat diamond ring and a custom-made diamond chain. The written agreement between Rafaello and Khaled reportedly said that the latter had 15 days to try out the jewelry; when that period was over, Khaled would either pay for the pieces or return them. In the lawsuit, Rafaello & Company reports that the musician never paid, even after being billed for the total price.

Khaled first rose to national prominence in 2006; his debut record, Listennn... the Album featured a who's-who of the hottest rappers in hip-hop at the moment. Khaled has continued to be a tastemaker and curator, releasing seven albums and serving as President of Def Jam South. Last year, he helped launch the career of St. Paul collective The Stand4rd.