DJ Khaled was once the guy who released albums jam packed with all-star lineups of rappers and yelled "We the best!" Now, he's an Internet phenomenon. Crimson Hexagon, an analytics firm in Boston, has the raw data to prove just how big DJ Khaled has become. According to Crimson Hexagon's data analysis, DJ Khaled has blown up ever since he joined Snapchat on Oct. 2.

The analytics firm has determined that mentions of DJ Khaled on Twitter began to skyrocket once he joined Snapchat. His online presence only continued to rise as he reached a peak in December.

"In October, 173,192 posts made mention of DJ Khaled. In November, 228,080 posts mentioned him. In December, posts skyrocketed to 2,711,827," the Crimson Hexagon analysis states. You can view the chart below to see just how much DJ Khaled's name was been plastered all over social media.

Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon

It's worth noting that December was when DJ Khaled got lost at sea on his jet ski and documented the whole situation on Snapchat. That whole incident clearly help the already popular DJ Khaled become a major topic of conversation on Twitter.

It's a strange thing to see how DJ Khaled has become something of a living, breathing meme. His mannerisms, speeches and style have all become fodder for jokes and turned him into a viral sensation. This is a long way from the guy who made people ask, "What exactly does he do?" in regards to his actual relevance in the music industry.

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