DJ Khaled is creating some new keys as the national spokesperson for Get Schooled's "Keys to Success" campaign. Khaled has teamed up with Get Schooled, a program which works to boost high school graduation rates, to create monthly keys that offer students advice on setting and achieving goals. Students who earn these keys will be eligible to win a scholarship at the end of the school year.

"I made a priority in my life to inspire the young world that anything is possible as long as you follow the keys to success, a major key is commitment to education," DJ Khaled said in a press release. "I want the youth to know that if they stay away from "they" and stay in school, that this is the major key to success. I have worked with Get Schooled and have seen what an impact the organization has on kids across America. I am excited and honored to launch this Keys program to motivate even more kids to succeed in school."

DJ Khaled has become involved alongside Viacom, who is co-funding the Get Schooled program. Alexandra Jannello Tuck, Viacom's Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, spoke about the company's excitement in having Khaled join the campaign.

“Viacom’s goal in co-founding the Get Schooled Foundation was to leverage the best of media and entertainment to support young people in reaching their goals,” Tuck said. “DJ Khaled’s genuine commitment to education and his partnership with Get Schooled is a perfect reflection of Viacom’s mission and we are excited to have his energy as part of this effort.”

You can find out more about Get Schooled - including DJ Khaled's "Keys to Success" campaign - by visiting their official website.

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