We've seen the Snapchat previews, and we've watched behind-the-scenes videos on Instagram, but now, we finally get to see the real visual for DJ Khaled's "I'm the One." Today (April 28), Khaled finally unveils his eagerly-awaited video for the upbeat, but mellow new track featuring Quavo, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber.

The song itself finds all four artists (sans Khaled) bragging to all the ladies out there, making it as clear as possible they're the only "one" for them. The hook, which is handled by Bieber, comes in two parts and reinforces the whole feel-good, confident vibe of the track.

"Yeah yeah you lookin' at the truth, the man who never lie no/I'm the one yeah, I'm the one/Early morning in the dark now you wanna ride now (that's right)/I'm the one yeah (that's right)/I'm the one yeah/I'm so sick of all those other imitators/Don't let the only real one intimidate you/See you watching runnin' outta time now," Bieber sings in the first part of the hook.

Quavo comes in to let his lady know money isn't an issue. "Ain't gotta worry 'bout 'em commas 'cause my cake up/You can run inside my life from that fame bus/'Cause I promise when we step out you'll be famous/Modern day Bonnie and Clyde what they named us/'Cause when we pull up (prr prr) all angles," he rhymes.

In the video, we see Khaled on the phone, inviting Chance, Quavo, Bieber and Weezy to come through, which they eventually do. Khaled's got a gorgeous model riding a horse throughout a mansion property and there's plenty more eye candy to see. Throughout the rest of the video, the artists post up around Khaled's crib as they indulge in each other's company and "celebrate life."

You can peep the new visual for yourself below.

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