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In seemingly no time at all, DJ Khaled has sprung to the forefront of social media stardom by continuously posting to Snapchat, documenting his life at home, on the road and with fans. ABC News recently caught up with Khaled in a segment that aired Thursday night (Feb. 18) in an effort to get to the bottom of his surefire social strategy.

In the piece, Khaled explains who "they" are ("basically the hater, the enemy") and why he records so many of the same day-to-day activities. "This relaxes me when I water my plants," he said, "when I see the flowers grow, when I talk to the lion." As for his many coined phrases, he says that "bless up" is his daily greeting while "special cloth" signifies he's cut from a different fabric.

Khaled goes on to confirm that the persona portrayed in his snaps is not an act, and that his heightened social media status has brought forth movie deals, TV shows and endorsements. He also estimates that 50% of his current fanbase are newcomers from Snapchat.

"It feels good to be a restaurant owner cause its part of my dreams to be the biggest mogul," he said of his Miami restaurant Finga Lickin. "Cause winning for me is easy. Winning more is the challenge."

Khaled calls himself a DJ, an artist, a producer and an executive, saying, "I make hits, I find hits, and I put hits out." And later, "It confuses me and disappoints me when somebody says, 'What does he do?' My records are some of the biggest anthems ever. What you think, they magically just appear? Obama walked out to my record. That day I officially said 'I made it.'"

All in all, the segment mostly serves those who haven't caught Khaled's jet-ski riding wave, though he does offer a bit of political insight not available through his snaps when he is asked about Donald Trump's proposition to deny immigrating Muslims access to America. "When people say that, it’s just ignorant. I promote love and peace. That’s all I’m about," he said. Khaled is a practicing Muslim, though he acknowledges that he hasn't completely adhered to his faith perfectly.  

 Watch the reported segment above.

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