Future's relationship with DJ Esco is at the center of their "Married to the Game" music video, proving just how important a good team and support system is while out on the road. The video is a compilation of footage showing the two on tour, with a closing title card teasing a full documentary by the same name to come soon. Directed by GT Films, peep the video for the track up top, the song first released as part of the pair's Esco Terrestrial mixtape.

At one point, the music video breaks as Future calls into a radio station. The host asks the rapper what's next for his Freebandz Gang now that Esco and producer Metro Boomin have gained celebrity status of their own. "Ain't no telling because everything that always happened for us it just happened organically," he says.

More so though, Future speaks to the ascension Esco has made over the years, saying, "I just feel like his talent, his executive skill is coming to light but it's even more going to come fruition. Everything is about to happen on another level more so after this tour. 2017, I feel like they gon really get a chance to see a DJ that went from DJ to A&R to executive to just making a long lasting career. You come from one thing that don’t stop you from elevating to the next level."

Watch the video up top with a full documentary on the way.

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