Dizzy Wright, the nephew of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member Layzie Bone, has worked tirelessly to solidify himself as one of hip-hop's new torch bearers. The Funk Volume representative has built a cult following by maintaining a consistent tour schedule and releasing just enough material to keep his name buzzing. A few months have passed since the release of Dizzy's highly regarded mixtape, The Golden Age. To appease the fans, the 2013 XXL Freshman serves up his latest fan centered offering, The State of Mind EP.

On the album's opening track, "State of Mind", the charismatic MC states that he is trying to turn his "passion into a paycheck." Dizzy drops lyrical gems throughout the track and reminds us that "success is a state of mind, and in due time, you gon' hear my best work." The aforementioned line suggests that Dizzy is far from his apex and that his future work will be on another level. The hook really sums up the song as Dizzy proclaims that yoga and a healthy mind will help him get over.

The production for this project is very solid. MLB, handles production for three tracks on the EP including the standout track, "Everywhere I Go." Dizzy showcases a nimble delivery and a stellar hook, over a thumping beat by MLB. The Sin City spitter promises to bring his hometown to his growing audience (he is thinking global) as opposed to sticking to the famous catchphrase, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

"Reunite for the Night", produced by Roc N Mayne, continues the party theme. The Running Rebel states that he lives "by the three M's, Maintain, Mary Jane, Make Art." The addition of the scratching on the hook adds that hip-hop feel to the track.

The EP only has one feature, Rockie Fresh on the self-reflective cut "Too Real For This." The two talented artists complement each other over a piano driven beat from MLB. Dizzy delivers an outstanding stanza during the first verse, "It's cool, I keep my enemies close / Eyes wide open as I center the scope / Listen real well, don't be saying the most / There's one God, one Devil and I live with them both." Dizzy continues the thoughtful energy and states that his biggest fear is selling the same dream.

The EP concludes with "Nuttin Bout Me," "New Generation" and "Calm Down." On the Sledgren-produced track "Nuttin Bout Me," Dizzy raps about the struggles of hitting the road, leaving his daughter, being the beacon of hope for the city and not taking things personal.

"New Generation" is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite as evidenced by the lethal beat from 6ix. Feeding off the energy of the "turn up" movement, Dizzy drops these lines: "Independent, sold out shows, and I don't think that's changing" and "I'm so live on the stage cause I smoke and I rage / And I jump on the crowd like I'm Method Man."

The conversational "Calm Down" is a perfect way to end the album, as the Funk Volume rapper appears to be complaining and weed is the only thing that can relax him.

The State of Mind EP is a quality offering from an MC that has tastes success and wants more. With stellar production, improved songwriting, and a mesmerizing approach, Dizzy is destined to shine a lot brighter. Dizzy still has room for improvement, though, as flashes of transparency here only hold him back from being greater. Let this glimpse of Dizzy's cognitive state be a proper warm-up to his sophomore effort.—Praverb