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My Story by Dizzy Wright

It was crazy because I was going kind of hard to get the fans to vote because I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t got the call yet. Last year, my boy Hop was on it. We found out kind of early for him. I didn’t get the call so I was really going hard, just in case I wasn’t. But, I am glad I did. I was happy as fuck.

I mean, there’s no hip-hop culture in Vegas. So, I am really like creating that culture and opening the doors for other Vegas artists. I just feel blessed. I feel like it is another small win. I definitely feel like I deserve it. I put in definitely, like, four or five years of consistent work. I am just happy to be here. I feel like I spoke this into existence.

The whole year was pretty much dedicated to the fans. I got signed to Funk Volume in November of 2011. My manager, Dame, just told me: “You put in the work. They’ll respond. The shit is dope. You’ll be able to get in front of the people to try and win them over.”

That’s how I pretty much started. I did three tours last year and all over the world. Just really focused on them fans and they responded really well. It’s crazy.

I know I was doing our thing and I knew that I was putting in the work, but I didn’t know if they saw me. I know I don’t have a hit record, but I got that groundwork. So, I really threw it out there early [to be an XXL Freshman] for the fans to really let them know that I wanted it. If it came down to us voting, you mutherfuckas better have my back.

I am definitely in Hop’s corner, 100 percent. My success is going to be official to everybody in our label and it is the same with Hop. We really just learning and growing from each other. We like a little family, man, so I definitely have no problems with the corner because I learned a lot.

Hop is the kind of artist that really sticks to himself and creates everything on his own. I’m not that kind of artist, but it is good to know people like that and just learn from him.

I’m definitely excited that I could just build something for myself. It’s not just, like, I am under the nigga—I am not good enough to get the things that he got.  I feel like we are going to get a lot of the same blessings, but it is cool to be able to do the shit myself whereas it’s not Hopsin’s Dizzy Wright. It’s like, Dizzy Wright—you know what I am saying?

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