Diddy lives a lavish lifestyle that very few can say they've experienced. Puff is not just rich. He's Scrooge McDuck rich. He's $40 million home rich. So rich that when he's sees a $1 bill he might just look at it like an alien from another planet, like he did in that picture that went viral of him sitting court side at a Knicks game. Has it really been that long since the Bad Boy head has seen George Washington's face on a greenback? Now we finally have an explanation about the photo from the man himself.

Combs recently conducted an interview with The New York Times Sunday Magazine, when the topic of the photo came up, and the reasoning Puff gave sounds a lot less fanciful than the one the internet had envisioned. “I love a $1 bill! I just make weird faces sometimes," he explained.

So there you have it. According to Puff, it was just a simple matter of the camera catching him with an odd look on his face. We've all been there before. But we'd still like to imagine that Puff is so filthy stinking rich he's allergic to singles.

In other news, the Bad Boy founder's new documentary, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, is available on iTunes. The film shows behind-the-scenes footage from the Bad Boy reunion tour that took place August through October of last year, as well as touching on the label's legacy.

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