You gotta love Nas. Last night a scathing email, [click here to read] addressed to Def Jam execs, leaked on to the Internet. It was allegedly written by God’s Son (Through an anonymous source close to the situation XXL has confirmed the validity of the email) and while the email looks believable like most things that leak on the Internet, it could very well be complete bullshit.

In the email, which was addressed to LA Reid, Steve Bartels and a few other head honchos up at Island/Def Jam, Nas demands that the label put out his Lost Tapes 2 compilation album. He also goes on to point out that he is “NOBODY’s slave” and reminds the Def Jam brass that if he could do business with Tommy Mottola and Donnie Einer (Nas's former bosses when he was signed to Sony) then LA Reid and co. should fall in line.

Nasir goes on to suggest that he could rally 100,000 protesters at the Def Jam building if he so chose. In the event that this riot goes down, someone tell Nas that whomever is organizing this proposed protest should have at least purchased ONE Nas album in his or her lifetime. We don't need another Lupe fiasco (see what I did there?).

When it comes to Lost Tapes 2, Def Jam should release it, right? I mean the first Lost Tapes was a classic and sold moderately well (it moved over 350,000 units) considering it wasn’t heavily promoted. Hell, Nas didn’t even appear on the album cover and there weren’t any videos for it.

It seems the real heart of the matter comes down to whether or not Lost Tapes 2 should count against the albums Nas owes to Def Jam as part of his contract. The folks at IDJ probably feel that if Nas gets one album closer to his freedom, then it should be an LP filled with new material. I see both sides of the argument. Hmm, I wonder if Distant Relatives counted against Nas’ deal.

Ultimately, it is the fans who get deprived. Nas is right, he has a solid fan base that he has been building for over 16 years and I’d imagine they Stan over Lost Tapes 2 or at least illegally download it off the Internet (y’all know how y'all do). I know I’ll be purchasing LT2... Well, if it ever drops that is.

What about y'all; are you anticipating Lost Tapes 2? Better yet, will you actually buy it? — Rob Markman

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